For the 8th time, Orion and Swarovski, teamed up to engineer, produce, and install the crystal scenery that graced the stage of the Dolby Theatre® during the 87th Academy Awards®. In 2015, award winning set designer Derek McLane took inspiration from famed director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, who was known for using complex geometric patterns in his work.

2015-01-23 15.45.49

The closedown curtain is set up in Orion’s shop before being sent off to the show.

2015-01-29 10.50.21

The panels are prepared to be crated and shipped.

2015-01-29 10.52.13



Orion crates backstage at the Oscars.

87th AA

An Orion employee helps prepare the closedown wall for install at the show.

In 2015 McLane designed a crystal closedown wall that would sit at the back of the stage throughout the show.  The wall, measuring 80’x40’, was a magnificent array of approximately 24,000 Swarovski crystals, which started from a center point and radiated out to the edges. The crystals were laid by hand by Orion employees, taking close to 600 hours to complete from beginning to end.



The set also included crystal strands that were laid out to create a crystal “forest”.  The strands were on 3 different planes creating a sense of ambiguity, making it seem more forest like.  The strands could be seen during performances by stars like Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson. The final piece of the theater that was crystallized were the opera boxes.  Orion created removable crystallized panels that fit onto the front of the boxes to add more glamour and sparkle to the event.