Swarovski Active Panel and Customizable Crystal Surfaces

Our collection of elegant surface materials inlaid with Swarovski® crystals were developed to be a unique resource for architects and designers whose vision extends beyond conventional solutions. All crystals are inlaid flush and ordered to size. Choose from our selection of patterns and materials or contact us to customize the design and palette to your needs.

Swarovski Active Panel Golden Shadow
Swarovski Active Panel Silver Shade
Crystal Bandings on Solid Surface
Crystal Bandings on Smoked Chrome
Crystal Bandings on Blackened Ash 0.5cm
Crystal Bandings on Marble
Crystal Bandings on Blackened Ash 3cm
Crystal Fabric on Sycamore
Crystal Fabric on Bronze Solid Surface
Crystal Fabric on Black Solid Surface
Crystal Fabric on Blackened Ash
Leaves on Solid Surface
Triangles on Brushed Brass
Droplets on Black Solid Surface
Rounds on Smoked Chrome
Leaves on Calcatta Marble
Triangles on Rosewood
18 Diamond Motif on White Solid Surface
Parquet Motif on Marble
Rounds on Sycamore
Scattered Motif on Brushed Brass
Medley on Marble